About PixelPool Architectural Illustrations

Key Staff


Maarten van Dooren

Lydia Janssen
Project Manager

Marcel Matusz
Creative Director

Jezry Mazurkiewicz
Sr. 3D Artist

Filip Kozak
Sr. 3D Artist

Piotr Madej
Jr. 3D Artist

Munkh Gantulga
Jr. 3D Artist



2008 ASAI Award of Excellence

2009 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Award
....from the jury report:
"For ASAI’s most prestigious prize, the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Award, the jury chose a dynamic computer-generated drawing of ROC Eindhoven, a Government Education Center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, by Maarten van Dooren (architects: Odeon Architecten). The image weaves form and space into a strong, muted composition of interlocking geometrical forms, with an expansive, shadowed foreground that provides a stage for the extracurricular activities of the students. The jury commented that the skilful handling of light and textural effects and the unexpected overlaying of dimension lines helped to reduce the “hyper-realistic” appearance that afflicts many computer drawings, and raised the image to a higher artistic level."

2010 ASAI Award of Excellence

2011 ASAI Award of Excellence

3D Architectuur Visualisatie / Architectural Illustrations / 3D Render
3D Architectuur Visualisatie / Architectural Illustrations / 3D Render